Your Custom Import Specialist

Use our 20 years of off-shore know-how to make your life easier.  Factory direct pricing offers discounts of 20%-40% from list pricing on most products.


Polyester,Neoprne, PVC, Recycled Polyester, Jute, Recycled PET, Polypropylene (woven & nonwoven) and cotton (Organic, recycled or standard) are just some of the fabrics that we use on a regular basis.  Ecorite works with a wide range of fabrics to ensure that we can always deliver exactly what your customer is looking for - let us know what you need and let us do the rest.  


Custom design solutions with our creative team or use our extensive stock selection of over 250 styles to find a style to modify and make your own.  Endless product options combined with countless ways to decorate ensure that we can help you make any idea a reality.


Use our 20+ years of off-shore manufacturing experience and long established relationships with our partners to get the best pricing and have the confidence that the product will be made right.  Sleep easy knowing that we are here to take care of you.

Custom Importing ensures that you get teh perfect product every time and Ecorite is always there to make your import experience a pleasant one.


Things to note when looking at off-shore production options:

1) Different fabrics and styles are subject to different factory minimums that can range from 1000 to 5000 pieces.  Contact us to find out if your project will qualify and to get the best pricing in the industry.

2) Typical lead-time requirements for off-shore production are 10-12 weeks for ocean delivery (most economical) and 6-7 weeks for air freight delivery (much more expensive).  These ranges are guidelines only and can vary depending on order quantity, project urgency and production availability.  If you need deliver faster than noted above don't hesitate to ask - we always do everything we can to satisfy our clients and make your orders a reality.

3) When designing a custom item, please be sure to have full and exact style specifications and measurements ready to ensure that the production process goes as smoothly as possible.


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