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  • Protecting the Environment
    The Ecorite brand has become the industry synonym for eco-friendly promotional products.  With the most comprehensive line of green products in...
  • Giving Back To Society
    We strongly believe in returning the favour to those who have helped us be successful: our community. Our employees are integral part of...
  • Supporting Local Economy
    Buying local means strengthening the economic base of the local community. Our "Made in Canada" line of promotional products is a good example of...
  • Sourcing Sustainable Products
    Consumers consistently express their preference for products that are manufactured and marketed in an ethical and environmentally responsible...
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Ecorite is a forward-thinking supplier of promotional products that support and enhance social-responsable brand initiatives. Our slogan “Promotional Products for Sustainable Brands” is not only a summary of what we do, but a succinct expression of a philosophy deeply rooted in our company culture.

What distinguishes Ecorite from other promotional product suppliers is our dedication to sustainable branding. Our carefully selected products have become an integral part of cause marketing programs across North America.

Social and environmental responsibility is part of our brand identity and at the core of our business practices since our inception in 1991. Our business philosophy is based on four principles that serve as everyday guidelines:


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