About Us

With a philosophy rooted in environmental consciousness, Ecorite has been leading the way as a supplier of environmentally friendly promotional products in North America since 1991.

For 20 years Ecorite’s status as an environmental leader has been well documented and we have continually strived to provide a comprehensive product offering while holding ourselves to the highest standard of social and ecological responsibility. Over 70% of our stock styles carry an environmental benefit as being recycled, organic or biodegradable; the balance of the line is developed with the ideas of innovation and value.  We believe in delivery quality goods with great value and are continually working to add styles that mesh with that philosophy.  We value our customers’ trust and respect and work to ensure that Ecorite always lives up to the high standards and expectations that are demanded of us.

At Ecorite, we understand that the integrity of the products is only as good as the integrity of the company. Our goal is to let our integrity speak for itself so you can always trust us to help you lead the world to a greener future.

The ECORITE Advantages

1) No charge blank & random samples – As an approved Ecorite customer you will enjoy the benefit of no charge samples to help you serve your customers and win more business.  Just provide a courier account for the freight and we will be happy to take care of the rest.

2) Free paper proof – At Ecorite your first paper proof is always done at no charge.  We strive to ensure that you always get exactly what you want and providing you with a paper proof ensures that you don’t need to worry.

3) Free virtual proofs – Another tool deigned to help you win business.  Professional quality virtual samples will help leave a lasting impression with your clients.  Contact us to find out how we can use virtuals to help you win more business.

4) Free artwork editing – Resizing, color adjustments, and typesetting…these are just a few of the services that we are happy to provide for you at no charge.  For typesetting just provide the text, location, font and sizing so that we can get it done right and done fast!

Superior service, great selection, unquestionable quality, terrific pricing, and The ECORITE Advantage – That’s what Ecorite offers.