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The Boom in Wind and Solar is Here

Jenny Chase who analyzes the solar power sector at BloombergNEF had hoped in 2005 that sunlight would eventually generate 1% of the world's electricity. She was way off. Now solar accounts for more that 3% and is expected to reach 56% by 2050. Some...

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The talk is all about carbon dioxide

Let's not forget about Methane As reported by the Economist,” human activity emits far less methane than carbon dioxide, but methane packs a heavier punch.” Over the course of 20 years a ton of the gas will warm the atmosphere about 86 times more than a ton of carbon...

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How engineered wood can reduce carbon emissions 8% of the world`s man made carbon dioxide emissions comes from construction of steel and concrete Norway has completed and Chicago has proposed using engineered timber, using a composite of different layers to...

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The threat of `Biodegradable` Plastics

Australia will soon be banning ‘biodegradable’ plastic because of the threat it poses to the environment and ecosystems. Even plastic noted as being ‘biodegradable’ breaks down into micro-plastic particles that go into the earth and ocean and are ingested by wildlife....

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The environmental impact of excessive packaging

How sustainable packaging can put an end to wasteful packaging? While many companies are making great progress in implementing sustainable packaging, we still have some ways to go. As...

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How To Avoid A Climate Disaster

Bill Gates and his new book, “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster”. Some highlights: Mr Gates says we need to get our green gas emissions from 51 billion tons per year down to zero. We need to do it by 205027% of green house emissions is caused by making electricity31%...

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Where does your plastic go?

An estimated 1.3 billion tones of plastic is destined for our environment - both on land and in the ocean - by 2040, unless worldwide action is taken. That's according to Dr. Costas Velis from the University of Leeds who said the number was "staggering" but that we...

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