Ecorite Announces Partnership with OneTreePlanted

Ecorite has made its initial donation to and has partnered with OneTreePlanted to help reforest areas of British Columbia that have been devasted by forest fires these past few summers. This is an area that is very much in need of help. There are many other areas too.

Throughout 2022, Ecorite will be creating promotions and opportunities for our customers to share in our enthusiasm for ecological matters and to do something positive for the planet. We will also be sharing some of OneTreePlanted’s thoroughly researched and entertaining articles regarding ecology, reforestation, and urgent climate-related matters.

Why OneTreePlanted?

There are many fine non-profit and charitable organizations that fundraise for tree planting in various areas of the world.   We like OneTreePlanted because the math is simple:  $1= 1 Tree.  Since 2014, OneTreePlanted has planted over 40 million trees in over 43 countries.


OneTreePlanted has a program specifically directed at forests of British Columbia, which continue to endure tremendous climate-related environmental catastrophes.  This area needs whatever help we can offer.  Be on the lookout for special environmentally-oriented promotions from Ecorite that will continue our fundraising efforts for OneTreePlanted, and let’s work to a achieve a stronger and healthier future for the planet in 2022 and beyond.