How To Avoid A Climate Disaster

Bill Gates and his new book, “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster”.

  • Mr Gates says we need to get our green gas emissions from 51 billion tons per year down to zero. We need to do it by 2050
  • 27% of green house emissions is caused by making electricity
  • 31% comes from manufacturing, notably cement, steel and plastic
  • 18% from plant and animal agriculture
  • 16% from transportation, such as planes, trucks and cargo ships
  • 6% from heating , cooling and refrigeration
  • 2% from other sources

The New York Times

Bill Gates has so far invested 2 billion dollars in the development of clean technologies, primarily in electricity generation and storage. Gates thinks getting to zero emissions by 2050 is challenging but doable.

We at Ecorite, commend Mr. Gates for his efforts in promoting green and clean technologies.

Howie Goldfinger CEO


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