One Man’s Junk…

Photo source: Unsplash

By Howie Goldfinger, CEO at Ecorite

As the saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, and that is a philosophy we pursue vigorously at Ecorite.  I recently read about another Toronto-based business, an auto junkyard in fact[1], that is equally serious about recycling, to the point that they harvest most of the components of a wrecked vehicle, not just the valuable components such as the rims, tires and batteries. Standard Auto Wreckers strips, inventories, and resells all the salvageable components of their wreck inventory before disposing of the hulk in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

On a much larger scale, Stellantis, the global conglomerate that builds Chrysler vehicles in Canada, has revealed a plan to save $2.6 billion by creating a longer-lived ‘circular economy’ for their cars by improving durability and reincorporating the old parts back into the supply chain.

Ecorite adds value and preserves the planet by actively sourcing and reselling products that contain from 75% -100% post-industrial plastic waste.   This waste goes into making some of our non-woven totes, lunch bags and other products.  Additionally, a number of our cotton bags are also made from recycled material.  Bags such as our B8600 Recycled Cotton Super Tote and our B8610 Recycled Cotton Budget Tote are both made from 100% recycled 11 oz. cotton canvas and are popular choices with our customers who are looking to make an impactful environmental statement with their packaging. They’re also saving money in the process, as our recycled products cost less than their equivalent products made from new material.

Check out all of Ecorite’s recycled products and let’s all work to incorporate more recycled products into our consumption patterns.

Source: Beyond the Scrapyard, Mark Toljagic, Special to the Toronto Star, Nov. 19, 2022