How engineered wood can reduce carbon emissions

Mass timber commercial structure frame raising

  • 8% of the world`s man made carbon dioxide emissions comes from construction of steel and
  • Norway has completed and Chicago has proposed using engineered timber, using a composite
    of different layers to meet specific requirements for floors, panel and beams
  • Engineered timber can rival the strength of steel in a product that is 80% lighter
  • Timber replacing steel and concrete in building not only reduces carbon emissions, moreover
    the trees used for construction also lock up carbon in their wood
  • Tree replacement is not an issue, because of quick replenishment and engineered wood does
    not burn easily, so fire risk is reduced

Engineered Timber–1024×344.jpg

Ecorite supports this action as path toward reducing total global output of carbon emissions

Source: Economist,
Feb 13, 2021
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research