The talk is all about carbon dioxide

Let’s not forget about Methane

As reported by the Economist,” human activity emits far less methane than carbon dioxide, but methane packs a heavier punch.” Over the course of 20 years a ton of the gas will warm the atmosphere about 86 times more than a ton of carbon dioxide.

Factory pollution

As a result methane is responsible for 23% of the rise in temperatures since pre-industrial times.

The rise is mostly due to the following:

  • Livestock farming-cows belch it.
  • Rice cultivation-soggy environments harbour micro-organisms that make it.
  • Fossil-fuel industry-pipelines and rigs leak it.
  • The International Energy Agency says the most difficult task is reducing methane in feeds and agriculture. Even here farmers can draw on new forms of feeds for livestock, and alerting how rice is irrigated.

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Reference: The Economist April 3, 2021